What makes me different? Well… I was kind of born for this. 

Growing up local

I come from a real estate family where both my mother and father were in the business. My mother, Marlene, owned and brokered Leverette Company; a local real estate firm that focused on high-end local markets. I often joke that I was raised on tour and at open houses. While other kids had more traditional toys, some of my favorite memories were creating coloring books out of MLS books from the pre-computer days.

Having had grown up in Berkeley and raising my two daughters in the area, I have the local knowledge about schools, day cares, food and local amenities. Whether you have lived in the East Bay for years or are just moving to the area, I can advise you about all of the ins and outs of our neighborhoods.

An Artist & Builder at Heart

In 1999, I bought a fixer-upper duplex in the Temescal neighborhood.  Over the years we have remodeled every aspect and system of the home from the brick foundation to the master suite in the converted attic and everything in between.

Although I received my BA in Fine Art and Philosophy and had been working in the fashion industry, this duplex project helped me rediscover my passion for real estate. My education in the arts opened my eyes to the diverse architectural styles that exist in the Bay Area. Ask me about my favorite architects or styles and I could talk for hours! Real estate proved to be a passion that I could dedicate myself to entirely. It encompasses everything from aesthetics and interpersonal relationships to art history and engineering. I truly love how every sale has its own story, from the history of the land and the structure, through to the closing and the dialogue for the future potential.

Providing Client’s Support & Knowledge

I approach everything with high energy and hard work. I stay on top of the market through diligent research every day. I am constantly looking for emerging neighborhoods and tracking properties for bidding comparisons. My goal in analyzing this ever-changing market is to eliminate or minimize surprise. I listen carefully to my clients’ needs and craft a strategy and realistic guidelines that align with their desires and budget.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, no matter what your goals and objectives are, I can help you make smart financial decisions that will enable you to achieve those goals.

Realtor Superpower:

I have a photographic spacial memory and can draw a floor plan of any home I have ever walked through.

Scott Leverette
(510) 919-3333

Scott Leverette
(510) 919-3333

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