Three Houses on One Lot in The Elmwood

3 Houses on One Lot
A- 5 bedroom/2 bath
A-3 bedroom 2 bath
& A-  Detached Studio Cottage

Offered at $1,495,000
Sold @ $1,510,000

The Elmwood Family Enclave

Stroll down Regent Street and you’ll notice a stately looking Colonial Revival home at 2633.  Grand in its own right, it belies the rest of the story.  For through the gate you’ll find another private garden with a brown shingle Craftsman and separate cottage.

Built in the early 1900’s, this enclave is typical of the large extended family spreads of the “Hillegass Tract,” of which this a part.  It seems after the 1906 earthquake, San Franciscans were coming in droves to Berkeley.  Just as they do today. This area was especially sought after … it was close to College Avenue, and it had larger than normal lots and grander homes than a lot of Berkeley.

In this case, the front house of 2633 has grand rooms, with 5+ bedrooms, great details and is ready to be restored to its former glory.  The brown shingle Craftsman in the rear garden is true “Berkeley” style … with Redwood paneling and details, larger open living room with fireplace and 3 bedrooms and a loft area.    And the brown shingle cottage is perfect for guests, tenants or ricochet “twenty somethings.”

Indeed, 2633 Regent is a unique family enclave in the heart of the Elmwood.  And it’s now ready for families of all definitions to make it a home of their own.

Enclave with a 5+ bedroom Colonial Revival, a 3+ bedroom Craftsman, and a studio cottage.

Large gardens and 7960 square foot lot

Close to College Avenue, UC and BART

Offered at $1,495,000

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