Scott comes from a real estate family. Both his mother and father were in the business. In fact, one could say “he was raised on tour and at open houses.” It wasn’t, however, his original intent to follow in his parents footsteps.

His BA degree is in Fine Art, with a minor in Philosophy landed him in NYC in pursuit of a career in the digital textile industry, working with cutting edge designers such as Calvin Klein. When he returned to the Bay Area, distancing himself from the NY scene, he embarked on a new career. Real Estate proved to be a passion that Scott could dedicate himself entirely to.

His love of the real estate industry is not unreciprocated! Scott is an extrovert, and loves engaging people from all walks of life. As an agent he gets ample opportunities to do just that. In addition, he gets to use his well-rounded training in the Arts to further develop a keen knowledge of architectural styles and architects in the East Bay. Among his favorite architects are John H. Thomas, Julia Morgan, Yelland and Radcliffe. His favorite styles are the single family Edwardians and Berkeley Brown Shingles.

How architecture fits into Scott’s dynamic becomes more obvious as he describes why he loves his occupation. “Every sale has its own story, from the history of the land and structure, through to closing.” His favorite part of the transaction is when he hands the keys to a new buyer. Their looks of “joy or relief or disbelief” is rewarding. “It takes a lot of patience in today’s market to get a young family into their first home, or upgrade a family to their dream home.”

High energy and hard work set Scott apart in the crowd. He stays on top of the market through diligent research. Looking for alternative markets, and tracking properties for bidding comparisons are part of his service to clients. His goal in analyzing this ever changing market is to eliminate or minimize surprise at the end of your negotiation. His clients appreciate that he listens carefully to their needs, and strives to meet them.

Scott loves to list homes.  Many of his clients are repeat customers.  Scott is well suited to represent a range of Buyers, and many of his listings come from the range of people he has represented in the past.

Scott is at home coaching the first time buyer, identifying a new project for a developer/flipper client, finding a duplex or multi unit investment property, scooping up lovely mid to upper range homes with character and style, or landing that large luxury home.  Scott’s got a great eye for detail and potential….  That translates into  huge value when shopping for your new home.

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