Vintage 5266 Manila- Rockridge Then and Now

A neighbor gave Matt  these cool shots durring the restoration of 5266 Manila ave.  We are working to identify the year of the car driving by to give us a  more accurate time frame.  The shots (according to the neighbor) are of the neighbor across the street’s (awesome) motorcycle collection that he was photographing, and caught 5266 Manila and some of the rest of the block of Manila avenue in Rockridge- back in the day.  Just cool all around!

This just in:  Ok-  from my vintage car expert Paul D. we have a 1959 or a 1960’s caddy driving by,  perhapse a Pontiac or Oldsmobile parked in the driveway across the street and up the block.  A  62 Chevy, Bel Air parked in front of 5266 Manila’s garage,  and the truck is a  mid 50’s GMC.  We are speculating that this shot was taken in 1962-1963.  We are impressed by the motorcycle collection, but do not have any info on their specifics at this time.

-Thank you Matt and Paul

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